4 Natural Remedies for Managing High Blood Pressure


Home Remedies to manage High Blood Pressure:

Blood Pressure is normally measured as the speed with which the blood flows from the heart to arthritis. The normal blood pressure should be 120/80 mm Hg. If the Blood Pressure in short BP is less than 120/80 mm Hg then it is called Low BP and if more then it is called High BP.

Now a days humans around the world due to stress, anxiety and depression are being affected with High Blood Pressure. If you are one of them and in search of How to control Blood pressure, we provided the best remedies here.

Maintain a Proper Diet Chart:

Nothing is impossible to beat you in case you are following a full fledged diet sheet. Eat rich in potassium quantity foods, fruits, vegetables and low salt dishes to gradually lower your blood pressure.

Exercise Regularly:

Walking, Jogging and Exercising not only burn your extra fat, it also keeps the blood pressure in control. Spend 30 – 60 minutes on exercising every day and observe drastic changes in your blood pressure levels.

Don’t Consume Excess Alcohol:

Doctors suggest to drink a small glass of red wine after dinner. That’s fine. But drinking more than the prescribed quantity will promote your inner organs to weak. You will suffer with heart & liver diseases as well as high blood pressure rate. So, you must and should not drink alcohol more than needed.

Have Vitamin C Supplements:

Daily have one glass of lemon juice. This lemon fights against the free radicals present in the heart and blood that are harmful and controls the blood to flow slowly.