Home Remedies for Children’s Cold and Flu


Home remedies for cold & cough in your children:

In general, Kids will have lower immune power and easily gets affected with the environmental changes and pollution. So, one should always keep an eye on their protection and never let the harmful bacteria, viruses damage the children’s health. Here are the natural home remedies that actually work to fight against infections, flu and colds etc.


Ocimum Sanctum is the Ayurveda name for Tulsi or basil leaves. Almost in every house we can find Basil Plant due to its anti bacterial, anti allergic & anti inflammatory properties. Early morning give your child 3 to 4 basil leaves and ask them to chew properly in order to extract juice from it for better health.

Citrus Fruits:

Kids are commonly fond of citrus fruits. To fight against flu and cold related bacteria, serve your child Vitamin C fruits like oranges & lemons etc in their breakfast or evening snacks. If the child refuses to eat the fruits, then extract the juice and give it to them frequently.

Honey & Ginger:

When the weather changes, the children badly suffers with flu and cold. A sip of honey & ginger mix will not let the bacterial and viral infections to spread cold & sore throat to your child.

Turmeric Powder:

You already aware how turmeric powder aid both adults & children’s health. Offer the children  & nursing women a hot glass of milk mixed with turmeric powder to boost immune system. Add to your curries  & dishes, it gives an attractive color, taste and also antibacterial properties.