Home Remedies to Get Rid of a Headache 6 Ways


The 6 effective Home Remedies to control Headache:

I think we all are familiar with headache right? the severe or mild pain in the upper part of the head is usually termed as Headache. You can easily find a bulk of reasons to suffer with headache. The major ones include lack of proper sleep, stress, hypertension, depression, etc. In this page you will come to know the natural home remedies for headache.

Drink Water More:

Studies have shown that dehydration is also one of the problems to face headache. If the water levels in the body are insufficient automatically you get pain in the head. Better try to drink distilled water, coconut water and ORS for being hydrated, healthier. Stay away from alcohol as much as possible.

Put a pack of ice on your neck:

Migraine headache carrying people are advised to keep an ice pack on your neck for fewer minutes. You can also place wet cloth dipped in cold water on your forehead to relief from severe headache.

Apply Essential Oils:

On regular massaging with essential oils like peppermint oil or lavender oil over your head will slower your headache problems. Take a few drops of oil in your hand that is a little bit hot and gently massage the hair and scalp with your fingers twice in a week.

Perform Yoga:

No medicine is more powerful than undergoing yoga. Yes, yoga drags you to the complete relax position and let you to be stress free. It not only soothes the head pain at the same time boost up your immune system.