How to Get Relief from Severe Toothache


Home Remedies to follow for toothache relief:

Have you ever suffered from toothache that fails you asleep? If yes, follow up the home remedies to get solace. Severe pain in inner and outer part of teeth, jaws merely known as toothache. If your teeth pain lives more than two days thoroughly consult your dentist. For instant relief, mount to the below tooth pain remedies at home.

Rinse with salt water:

Mixture of salt and water solution not only helps in cleaning food left over the tooth. It also aid you to heal the teeth pain too.

Cold or icy compress:

You may observe swelling of cheeks due to pain in the mouth. Put a bag of ice over the affected area. So that, the swollen part around the teeth disappears soon.

Peppermint tea bags:

Treat the tooth with a chilled peppermint tea bag for a span of time. Freezy the tea bag and put it on the top of your teeth for better relief.

Apply garlic paste:

Garlic is well popular to eradicate harmful bacteria which promote toothache. As per your wish, add a pinch of salt to the paste. And, apply upon the teeth and gums.


Use the wheatgrass juice as a mouthwash to soften the inflammation of teeth. Chlorophyll is rich in wheatgrass that has curing capability of mouth diseases.

Chew guava leafs:

Crunch the fresh guava leaves in your mouth. Or else add guava leaves in boiled water to form mouthwash.

Aloe vera:

You will be finding aloe vera plant in many of our houses. Apply it on the places where you feel pain and massage smoothly.


Brushing your teeth after every post meal will limit the damage. Make sure to use quality pastes and liquids for your tooth and gums. Revisit to get aware of more home remedies.